Pleasant Bay Crusing Club
Chatham - Harwich - Orleans

Summer Schedule 2009


Hog Island Picnic & Beach Walk Clean-up

Sunday, June 21nd, 1130. Anchor off the West Beach at Money Head. Bring a dinghy and a trash bag or bucket. B.Y.O. Info Ken at 508-238-8129.


July Full Moon Cruise

Thusday, July 7th, 2000 Rally off Nickerson Neck. Follow the leader cruise. Raft in party at middle of the Big Bay to follow. Sail home on the full moon. Info: Frank at 508-255-6984.


Friends of Pleasant Bay Annual Meeting

Thursday, July 16th, 1900 at the Wequasset Inn. Keynote speaker: Ted Keon, presenting photos and update on the Chatham Break, followed by a brief business meeting. All are welcome.


Chatham Yacht Club Regatta

Saturday & Sunday, August 1st & 2nd. Contact the club for details or call Roy at 508-432-0549.


Beetle Cat Nationals

Saturday and Sunday, August 8th & 9th at the Chatham Yacht Club.


Areys Pond Boat Yard Gathering and Race

Saturday, August 22, at 0930, Rally off Namequoit Point. Rain date Sunday, August 23. Registration and details: the yard at 508-255-0994.


Annual Friends of Pleasant Bay


Saturday, August 29 at 0930 at Head of the Bay. Anchor off Jackknife beach. Dinghy ashore for registration and skippers’ meeting at 093. Info: John at 508-274-7367.


Strong Island Clean-up & Picnic

Sunday, September 20th, 1330. Anchor off the North Beach. Bring a dinghy and a trash bag or bucket. B.Y.O. Rain date: Sunday, October 4th at 1300. Info: Ken at 508-237-8129 or Frank at 508-255-6984.


Round the Buoys Racing

Wednesday, July 8th at 1400

Wednesday, July 22th at 1400

Sunday, August 5th at 1400

Sunday, August 19th at 1400

Four race series with one throw out.

Everyone is welcome to “sail around the buoys” with us.

Racing Instructions: If there is no committee boat please use official club time for the start. Starting line to be Can One at Round Cove and the flag on the golf green closest to the Chatham shore. The course is counter-clockwise around the Bay, all marks to port. Marks are: Northeast to RN-30 off Nickerson Neck. North to G-35 at Narrow’s entrance. West to R-2 at Quanset Pond. Keep all rock markers to starboard and all Chatham Yacht Club Marks to port. From R-2 at Quanset no restrictions: South West to Finish at Start Line. Record your finish time. Info Frank at 508-255-6984.

Raft-in party outside Round Cove, after the “sail around” race.

More information or for confirmation contact Ken Simpson