Harbormaster Tom Leach's Time Capsule

Harwich, Massachusetts

Wychmere Seashore Cottages 1903

Hollows of Cape Cod 1822

Fishing Catboats Wychmere 1905

Catboats Wychmere and Athlete 1894

Asa L. Jones Monomoy Lightkeeper and family 1880 ...

Maro Jones (late 1880's)

Salt Water Harbor Channel plan 1888

Dominos 1890

Tioga on Pleasant Bay 1914

Fishing Party on Pleasant Lake 1914

Along Shore Long Pond 1914

Capt. William Tuttle House

Allen Harbor Dredge 1926

Wianno Sr. fleet at Wychmere 1953

Wychmere Harbor aerial view August 1927

Edgemere Cottage Snow Inn Road 1889

Harwich Railroad Depot 1887

Harwich Railroad Depot Postcard (circa 1880)

Thompson's Clam Bar

Wychmere Postcard 1930

Stone Horse Yacht Club Racing Circular 1935

Harwich Port 1893

Sea View House 1880

Theophilis Baker Wharf, Bank Street (circa 1870)

Bridge at Muddy Creek 1890 (painting)

A Complaint to State Board of Health 1902

Beach Lodge Dock (Capt. Whiting) and catboats THE ATHLETE and PICAROON 1920

Kelley Wharf Sea Street

Hurricane Damage 1944

Another Postcard 1930

Bill Lee built schooner LAURA S.

Harwich fleet Snow Inn Dock 1950

Carol aftermath 1954

Ronnie K landing the blues 1954

Bill Balch and Ron Kendall 1954

Dredge stranded onshore 1954

Wychmere Bulkhead after 1954 Hurricane 1950

Aerial View 2

Aerial View.jpg

Aerial View 1976

Biddle Frank Edric 1964

Biddle's tug boat Thassamyboat

Clam Bar Dock 1949

Clam Bar Dock 1955 >

Clam Bar Dock early years

Edric Snow and Frank H. Thompson

Frank Edric Biddle with their mother Abby

Thompson Brothers Dock 1947

Thompson Brothers first business lobster wholesale

Wychmere Harbor early 1900s

Wychmere Pines 1960 (?)

Wychmere Harbor Postcard circa 1930

Stone Horse Cutter under construction HPBW 1936

Stone Horse 22 under sail 1936

Wychmere 1933 (earliest known aerial)

Wychmere Aerial 1950

Wychmere aerial Sept 1964

Ship Grounding ELDIA 1984

Wychmere Dredge 1954

Wychmere Larson Dock 1932

Bill Lee and the LAURA S. 1940

Bill Lee 1933

Tod Lee 1949

LAURA S and hotel guests

Stone Horse Yacht Club 1949

Harbor Start Wychmere Harbor 1958

Herring Packers North Harwich

Trap Boat Herring River 1906 postcard

Phil Lynch walks on the River 1968

New channel Proposed for Stage Harbor 1941

Boat frame Harwich Port Boat Works 1945

Lucayo 1957

Two Novi boats at Thompson Brothers Doack 1956

Snow Inn 1956

Snow in Dock 1950

Lucayo 1949

Lucayo in channel 1952

Sandragale Wychmere Channel 1955

Stone Horse 22 Sloop on railway 1936

Stone Horse Sloop Commissioning 1936

Hurricane Carol 1954

The Annex and dock 1952

Harwich Aviator Waldo Brown 1925

The Windmill at Wychmere before 1903

The Old Windmill at Wychmere Harbor

Waterwheel mill at Herring River

Wychmere Northeast Corner 1900

The Chatham Stagecoach 1870

Wychmere Postcard 1910

Wychmere Snow Inn Rd side 1910

Breakwater Storm & Tower 1963

A later picture of Channel 1957

Waterbug Racing 1951

Fishing Fleet Wychmere Channel 1951

Stonehorses under construction circa 1945

Wixon Dock 1959

Dredge Herrring River 1958

Harbor Road 1961

The Belmont Hotel 1963

Harbor Road 1964

Lucas Trap co. 1960

Old Mill Point 1955

Carl Orcutts House 1953

Groundbreaking AHYC 1967

Capt. Wixon Dock 1948

Capt. Wixon Dock 1953

Transplanting Quahogs 1975

Transplanting Quahogs 1975

Capt. Wixon Dock 1973

Trap Boats 1939

Hurricane wrecks 1944

Harbormaster Boat 1995

Catboat Wychmere 1890

Kelley's Wharf 1906

Framed Hull HPBW shed 1945

Monomoy Point Light 1920

Rower Wychmere Harbor 1933

Ice Choppers 1982

Winter Ice 1982

West Harwich-By-The Sea 1933

Harwich Center 1943

Andrews River 1964

Life Guards and Harbor Staff 1999

Looking across the channel 1945

Saqautucket Harbor Construction 1967

New Harbor sign 1967

Tom Leach Harbormaster Academy

HarbormasterTom Leach on patrol 1977

Wychmere Harbor Post Card 1931

Saquatucket Harbor Early Plan 1957

Another old Wychmere postcard

Wychmere from Boat Yard 1935


F/V William Bowe (lobsterboat 1978)

South Monomoy Island (winter 2004)

Mark Leach (SHALAKO 1985)

Mark Leach same image with Whale cod

Herring River 1948

Belmont Hotel 1948

Old Melrose Inn 1951

Wharf Friends 1960

Allen Harbor 1961

Wychmere Harbor Beach Club 1970

Wychmere Harbor Beach Club 1970 (closeup)

Thompsons postcard 1968

Thunder Bay at Thompsons 1967

Tom Leach on Herring River 1973

Waldo Brown's double-ender

Wychmere postcard 1964

DUCK boat 1964

Tod Lee Camp at Monomoy 1942

Young Donald Ryder 1939

Donald Ryder 1978

Shipmates Tom Leach, Donald Ryder, Larry Chandler 2006

Tod Lee skippering LUCAYO 1953

Snow Inn & Channel House 1952

Main Street Harwich Port 1922

Monomoy Life Savers 1905 postcard

Wychmere Channel 1938

Wychmere Breakwater 1933 (Fred Crowell)

Tom and harbor patrol boat 1977

Blue Lobster 1993

Saquatucket Harbor 2004

Wychmere Harbor 2004

Allen Harbor 2004

Herring River 2004

Ralph Brett work-up painting Wychmere 1934

Harwich Fire 1950 Brush Breaker

Wychmere Harbor Aerial 1973

Seaview House, Wychmere Harbor 1883

Larry and Tom 1983

Ice Chopping 1978

Mark Leach and Mako 1985

Tom Leach river bog dam 1995

Thank you letter from a stranded sailor

1933 Kidnapping of Harwich Student, Peggy McMath

Lobsterman Bob Brown correspondance to Ted Kennedy

Saquatucket Parking Lot Fill 1968

Saquatucket Dredge 1968

Andrews River Marsh 1968

Mark Leach Mahi Mahi 1986

Flying Scot Magazine cover Al & Eileen Baird and Tom Leach, and Jack McCowen with Mitzy Peterson at Districts 2011

Herring River fishing catboats 1915

Wychmere postcard 1945

Alewife Fry in December 2011

Thompson's Clam Bar Postcard

Thompson's Clam Bar

Thompson's Clam Bar Postcard (channel)

Wychmere Postcard 1930

Herring River Light 1998

Hurricane Bob 1992

Hurricane Bob crane 1992

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