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The Pleasant Bay Cruising Club is a friendly informal group of sailors and boaters. We organize picnics, island tours, rallies, Wednesday night and special sailboat races, shore cleanups and parties, as well as group cruises and overnights. We make every effort to coordinate our gatherings in harmony with other organizationsí events as well as list othersí events on our schedule. Although we organize a dozen or more events each year, the spirit of the club is revealed in the countless spontaneous and informal gatherings and cruises that take place on the bay and its adjacent waters. We provide encouragement and practical and educational assistance. Our Tide and Current Chart is invaluable for cruising Nantucket Sound. In addition, we have several guest moorings in different locations that are available to all vessels that fly our burgee. No boat is too small or too large and no one is too young or too old to enjoy the benefits of membership. There is a little something for everyone one in the club, including the boating hermit. Please accept this invitation to join us in the spirit of informal camaraderie and love of Pleasant Bay.


The Pleasant Bay Cruising Club is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of Pleasant Bay and adjacent waters. The club seeks to build a community of sailors, kayakers, canoers and boaters who share a love of the sea and a spirit of camaraderie. The club welcomes all who pay yearly membership dues and agree with this statement of purpose. ~

Our Position on Personal Water Craft

The Pleasant Bay Cruising Club finds the use of Personal Water Craft (PWC) threatens the very essence of the bay we are pledged to protect. Issues of safety and threat to the environment have been widely discussed and we agree with these concerns. The PWC's impact on the bay's character is more difficult to express, however, the sight and sound of a PWC at full throttle significantly and detrimentally effects the bay's tranquility and character. Therefore, we support the development of regulations on PWC use in Pleasant Bay that ensure preservation of our precious natural resources and retain the bay's historic character. We applaud the Cape Cod National Seashore for its decisive action banning PWC operation. Furthermore, we urge and support the selectman of the Pleasant Bay Alliance towns and their town meetings in adopting regulations and bylaws in conformity with the National Sea Shore Ban in their adjacent waters throughout the bay. Furthermore, we support regulations addressing issues of speed, noise, emissions, environmentally sensitive areas and enforcement consistent with the Seashore's action throughout the Bay.

Adopted 2-24-01