Vessel Name Owner(s) Name Captain Type Length Beam Built Builder Where seen
Athlete Benjamin Doane 1894 Charles Jenkins Wychmere
Betsey Babbitt Benjamin Eldridge (E.Harwich) P.Bay 1878,1890
Caper Edward G. Unitt Edward G. Unitt 23.6' 11.1' Charles Jenkins Larchmont YC  1895
City of Chicago J.F. Crosby of East Brewster Joseph Rogers (S.Orleans) 28'  sloop rigged Harwich Flavius Nickerson P.Bay 1890
Cyrena William Pierce P.Bay 1878
Dauntless Ambrose Miles (Chatham) Nathanial Robbins catboat 1878
David Crocket D. or Z. Crowell P.Bay 1878
E.W.S. Higgins Uriah Rodgers P.Bay 1878
Echo P.Bay 1880
Etta Eddie Eldredge (N.Chat) P.Bay 1890
Fannie Davis T.T.Nickerson 1883 Charles Jenkins
Ha Ha Walter LaBau, Joe Robbins, Washington Robbins  Joseph Robbiins 1890 1889, 1890, 1897, 1900
Hattie Ed. Ellis P.Bay 1878
Hero T.Ellis, T.B.Baker, E. Rodgers Theodore Ellis P.Bay 1878, Wych 1885
Hettie Collins Clark P.Bay 1878
Laura Amos Eldredge 1897

Herring River 1900
Little Brave W.S.Rodgers P.Bay 1878
Lone Star
Madge and Muriel S.H.Robbins P.Bay 1886
Maggie and Emma J.H.Nickerson P.Bay 1878
Magic Alfred Cahoon P.Bay 1878
Mary A. Clyde I.L.Kendrick P.Bay 1878
Mattie Nathan Smalley W.J.Nickerson 1880 Charles Jenkins P.Bay 1878
name? William Tuttle 1880 Charles Jenkins
Mischief B.B.Nickerson P.Bay 1878
Molly Swash Thomas K. Nickerson P.Bay 
Neptune William Tuttle 26' 10' 1884 Wm Tuttle & Jenkins Wychmere 
Pastime Albert Bassett   Edwin Jenkins P.Bay 1884
Peerless Asa Rodgers   P.Bay 1880
Play Mate 1885 Wychmere 1915 Image
Reaper 27'
Susie B.B Nickerson (E.Harwich)   1889 Nathan Smalley P.Bay 1890
Susie N. George Bassett P.Bay 1880
Verena 1895
Victor Ambrose Miles (Chatham) 1879 Charles Jenkins P.Bay 1880
Web Foot   P.Bay 1878, 1879, Hpt 1880
White Cap Geo. Nickerson 1880 P.Bay
White Wings P.Bay 1878
Wilbur Curtis Edmund Long P.Bay 1878
Wille H. W.H. Doane P.Bay 1890
Wychmere Ensign Rodgers 1894 Charles Jenkins Wychmere
Zephyr Thomas Ellis 1884 Chrales Jenkins Herring River
Amanda Schooner P.Bay 1878
ALMENA Ezekiel Rogers Schooner P.Bay 1878
Wanderer Rueben Tripp P.Bay 1880, Smashed Bakers Wharf 1888
*Charles Jenkins was born 1827 and died 1904. He opened boat yard 1848 and started building at age 17. The Harwich Independent (8-20-1924) confirms the boat yard location across from Melrose Inn and new owner as Benjamin Doane.