We are one of a handful of civilian Storm Warning stations and continue to fly the weather warning flags. Click to find video of our weather station. Official
Harwich Weather Station
on the waterfront at the
Harbormasters Office
Harwich Port, Cape Cod, MA, USA

41 40' 10.24" N--- 70 03' 32.88"W

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Do the math. 1 knot = 1.15 MPHDo the math. 1 knot = 1.15 MPH

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Saquatucket Harbor live cam photo. Appears black at night but you can see the dock lights.
___________________________________Saquatucket Harbor Cam

Animated Satellite image (dark at night). Click for satellite image of western Atlantic Animated weather map. Click for local radar screen

Our seawater sensor reads in 1 degree increments. We are the only Cape weather station offering live seawater temperature data
Harbor Water Temperature Graph (last 24 hrs)
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Harbor Water
Temperature sensor

(at depth 20")
Cape Cod Weatherglass barometer. These are really cool. My Dad swore by one of these in our living room to predict a storm 8 hours in advance.

You can down load archived Harwich Port Weather Data at our Underground Weather website
How hot the air actually "feels."
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Harwich Harbormasters Office

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Temp inside harbormasters Office.

Humidity, temp and wind perception based in temperature
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Harwich Port PHRF  Racing

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