A fire on a boat is frightening and, often, fatal.  When fueling, chances of a fuel fire are heightened.  Gasoline fumes are highly flammable.  Here are some precautions: 


Use your nose!  If you smell gas, shut everything down and find the source.

Another fire hazard is cooking fires, either from propane tanks, stoves or grills.  Be sure all connections are tight.  Install a fire extinguisher close to the galley.

Boats less than 26’ must have at least one B-1 extinguisher.  Boats between 26’ and less than 40’ must have two B-1s or one B-2.  When buying your extinguishers buy the ones that have “ABC” printed on them.  They will put out combustible material and liquids (such as gasoline or grease), and electrical fires. The number indicates the capacity – II is larger than I.  As to how many and what size to buy, more and larger is the way to go.  Make sure fire extinguishers are Coast Guard approved.