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Harwich, Massachusetts

Butterfly Plant out of season. Photo credit Tom Leach

Piping Plover Protected Species Field Guide to Birds
Bird species list
Bird Photo Library
Online Birding Guide to the UNITED STATES
Online Birding Info International
Bird Sounds (bird calls)

Egg capsules of Sharks, Skates and Chimaeras

Harwich Shellfish Department Information
Harwich Natural Resources & Harbormaster Department Information

Box turtle at Saquatucket Harbor. Photo credit Tom Leach
Turtles species list
Whale species list
Porpoises species list
Dolphins species list
Fish Facts

Seashore Shells & Creatures
Seashell and Mollusc Links
Marine Biological Laboratory

Leaf Guide

Government Satellite Photography
Shellfish Lithographs

Nantucket Sound Current Table Planner

Monarch butterflys. Photo credit Tom Leach
Mammal Stranding Network
Seal Identification
Cape Cod Seals
Seal Photos
Sea Turtles
Snakes of Massachusetts
Harwich Ponds
North Atlantic Fish
Amphibian Species Checklists

Up to 16 different species of marine mammals strand on Cape Cod each year. This consists of 5 pinniped species and 11 cetacean species.

Massachusetts Pond Maps

Harwich Weather Station

Portugese Man-O-War