Voted by the Harwich Board of Selectmen at their advertised Public Hearing (11/23/2009)

2009   2010 Town of Harwich

Marine Fee Schedule


A.      Town-Owned Slip Rates






Seasonal leases

5/1 to 11/15*









All recreational and C Permits




Year-round commercial ground fishing boats*










Vessels with A Permits




Year-round paid passenger carrying boats*










Vessels with D Permits and F Permits




Off-season rate up to 35’ LOA**

(9/16 – 10/15)


Off-season rate 36’ LOA and over**

(9/16 – 10/15)







Power Extra***

Off-season rate**

(5/1 – 6/14; 10/16 – 11/15)





Power Extra***


Summer transient rate 36’ LOA and over**

(6/15 – 9/15)


Summer transient rate up to 35’ LOA**

(6/15 – 9/15)






$1.75/ft. /night

No minimum

Power Extra***

Winter short-term rates**

(11/15 – 5/1)





For commercial fishing vessels only must have a Town Permit

Winter term**

(11/16 – 4/30)


Active commercial fishing boats only must have a Town Permit


   * If the payment is received after March 1st, the Waterways Commission is under no obligation  to accept the payment. If it does – based on significant extenuating circumstances – a late fee of $100 will be charged.

  ** Rate based on length of vessel or slip minimum. Price includes LOA.  (Measured top of transom to foremost extension, includes pulpits or sprits).

*** Power charges same as summer nightly rate.


B.      Mooring Rates - All harbors (All mooring fees are non-refundable)



Boat Length


Class 1

Over 35 feet

$250.00    $280.00

Class 2

25’ feet to 35 feet

$195.00     $220.00

Class 3

24' or less

$110.00     $125.00

Pond Boats (docked

or moored)


over 16’





C.      Town-Owned Short-Term Tie Up Rates


Boat Length


23’ feet and under


24’ feet to 30’ feet

Over 31’




Short-term tie ups are limited to a maximum of three hours where space is available.  There is no

charge for the first half (1/2) hour.  After three hours, boats will be charged at the full regular overnight

rate for the boat.


D.      Trailer Rates


One day trailer permit

(Saquatucket only)

Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend to Monday of Labor Day Weekend


Seasonal trailer permit *

Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend to Monday of Labor Day Weekend


Boat transportation agent annual permit fee

May 1st to November 15th of each year

$200.00/season ($125 ea.  Additional) OR $10.00 each time


* For use at Saquatucket Harbor, Allen Harbor and first landing at Long Pond. 

All trailers, boats and R/V's must vacate the town-owned parking area between the hours of 12:00 a.m.

and 4:00 a.m.


E.      Commercial Fishing Rates


Permit Class



Class 'A'



Class 'B'

10/1 – 6/1

(Renew 1/1)



Class 'C'

Off peak fueling charter boats up to 6 passenger

(Renew 1/1)



Class 'D'

Passenger carrying boats for 6 or more

(Renew 1/1)



Class 'E'

Unrestricted fueling – vessels with alternative Harwich dockage

 (Renew 1/1)



Class 'F'

Passenger Ferry up to 80 passengers

(Renew 1/1)


Class 'R'

Trailered Day Boat Charters

(Renew 1/1)

$400.00/rig (boat w/ trailer)

(ramp fee extra)

Class 'T'

Tuna landing permit

(Renew 1/1)






F.      Off Load Permit Rates at Town-Owned Marina


Number of Vehicles


Tuna buyer vehicle


Each additional tuna buyer vehicle



G.      Town-Owned Slip and Mooring Waiting List Rates


Slip waiting list


Mooring waiting list



H.      Power Charge Rates at Town-Owned Marina


Permanent plug-in 110 volts

$10.00/ft extra

High use plug-In 110 volts

$16.00/ft extra

Power charge per outlet

>30ft.=$11.00/night    <30ft.=$8.00/night


The marina, Town of Harwich or Harbormaster shall not be liable for damages or losses incurred by

interruption of electrical power to any vessel



I.       Boat Ramp Fees





Seasonal boat ramp passes*



Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend to Monday of Labor Day Weekend

Daily (one-day) passes


Saquatucket boat ramp only

Parking Violation


Each offense


* For use at Saquatucket, Allen Harbor and First Landing at Long Pond


J.             Other Town Fees


Charter Fishing Boat Special Permit


Mooring inspection fee


Mooring servicing agent annual permit fee


Harbor boat tender service annual permit fee


Fuel vendor tank truck annual permit fee


Vessel fueling from tank truck fee per gallon


Fish Weir Operator annual permit fee

$25.00 per year

Waterways Users Fee*



* “Waterways User Fee” is for any vessel moored or docked in Harwich salt waters. This User Fee would apply to all vessels. Those vessels currently paying “Dockage” or “Mooring” Fees to the Town have this Waterways User Fee contained within their current fees. The Waterways User Fee is set at the current minimum mooring fee for a vessel moored in a Town of Harwich harbor. Minimum size of vessel is 16’.